[Review] Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream

Another long gap between reviews.  Sorry guys!  But I come with a review of a well-loved product: Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Cream.  I picked this up in December 2015 because it’s always gotten great reviews, and my mother thought it was too “heavy” for her when she tried it summer 2015, which is usually a sign that a product might work well for my dry skin.  Unfortunately, I found this cream to be only mediocre in terms of moisturizing my dry skin, so I won’t be repurchasing.

I got the special 100 mL holiday version!

The Green Tea Seed Cream is a white cream with a floral-herbal scent common to the Innisfree Green Tea line in general.  It has a light texture, almost like a whipped butter to be honest, and like most buttery creams, it takes a long time to dry down.  I generally like that in a night cream – I like  my face to feel sort of moist when I go to sleep, and I really prefer a more occlusive cream to hold in my more complicated night routine – but I found the green tea seed cream to actually not be that moisturizing.  It was a rather mild, damp winter, with a  lot more rain and humidity than I’m used to seeing in that season, but I still found that I needed to apply a sleeping mask after I applied the green tea seed cream to ensure I woke up moisturized and ready for the day ahead.
This is a disappointment, because I had used the Green Tea Moisture cream during the winter of 2014/15.  That had been a much harsher winter – very cold, very dry – and I found that particular line was just a tad too dry for me.  But honestly, I think the moisture line would have been perfect for this mild winter instead of the green tea seed line.
I did try using the Green Tea Seed cream as a day moisturizer, but it just didn’t dry down enough to wear makeup on top, and truthfully, I found it too heavy for my day use.  However, I will state the cream itself in inoffensive; the fragrance disappears quickly and the cream itself did not make me break out or give me hives.  All in all, not a bad buy, but not really what I’m looking for.  This is probably a good night cream for someone with less dry skin.  I got about 5 months of nightly use out of a special edition 100 mL jar, so I think the regular 50 mL jar would be good for about three months or so.

To be fair, even though this wasn’t a rebuy, I did use up the whole thing.


Cleanser Double Feature: DHC Face Wash and Innisfree Calming Cleansing Water

Cleansers: Step one (or two!) in every skin care plan ever.  For a long time, cleansers seemed to get short shift in the review marketplace – not as important as specialized make-up removers, but not as interesting as the later exfoliating or hydrating steps in the skincare regime.  Is the cleanser drying?  Does it cause breakouts?  Does it burn your eyes?  Can it remove makeup, or just act as a general cleanser?  These were all questions that were NOT being asked in reviews, which meant that the risk-averse, like myself, would try a bunch of cleansers until we found a product that didn’t wreak havoc on our faces and then stick with that until hell or high water.

Keep reading for more suh-weet talk about facial cleansers!

[Hits and Misses] August – December 2014

Sorry for my extremely long disappearance guys, real life has been kicking my ass up and down the court the last few months.  I have a lot of backlogged drafts to get through, but I thought I would start off with an easy no-photo hits-and-misses post from last winter!  I tried a few different kinds of products – a scalp pack, a vitamin C serum, a bubble mask, and a foot peeling mask!  All of these were new product categories to me, and I was mostly evaluating if these new types of products were useful for me and if so, would I want to try other versions to compare.

DHC Scalp Massage Pack

This was a true impulse buy on my part – I saw it, and literally purchased it five minutes later, because I was hoping it would help with my itchy scalp.  Takes the form of a thick white cream that must be massaged into the scalp, feels very minty and fresh while it’s working.  However, doesn’t really fix my itchiness.  Maybe works on product buildup?  Hard for me to tell, given I don’t use much product at all.  Not going to bother to repurchase, and I haven’t really seen other versions of this product while browsing shopping sites, so I can’t see this coming up again.
OST C20 Serum
This gets such good reviews, I just had to try it!  Sadly, didn’t do a damn thing for me.  I suspect redhead freckles are different from the sunspots everyone else is talking about, since I didn’t see any change at all.  Nor did it exfoliate or assist in flushing control.  After a month, I gave the rest of the bottle to my mother, who has much different skin damage from myself, only to have the same result: nil.  I wouldn’t mind doing a vitamin c serum again, but this is the sort of thing I’ll probably DIY in the future.
The Saem Black Pearl Bubble Mask
It’s a bubble mask!  It’s pretty adorable, but also sort of gimmicky.  I mean, I like using it every so often, but mostly for the novelty affect; it doesn’t seem to really affect my skin one way or another.  I won’t re-purchase after I run out, although I’m interested in trying my products by The Saem – the packaging was excellent and classy.  However, this would be a wonderful gift for a younger girl; 10-year-old me would have begged my mother for refills.
The Faceshop Smile Foot Mask
Another impulse buy – I picked it up from Sokoglam to top me off free shipping.  If you’re unfamiliar with the category of products, it’s basically a lactic or glycolic acid peel for the feet.  The product comes with plastic/paper booties, and you pour a liquid into the bag and sit around for 90 minutes and let the peel do it’s magic.  A week later, the soles of your feet will peel.  I think this is a nice all-over exfoliator, but I think hydrogen potassium solutions are better for really determined callus elimination.  Nevertheless, I think I will try more of this product type in the future.


[Review] Benton High Content Snail Bee Skin & Sheet Mask

This is my last  Benton Review, and the last two Benton products I added to my line-up.  It feels so good to be done!  Of the two products, one is a toner, and the other is a sheet mask.  Of the two products, I would have to say only the sheet masks have real re-purchase quality; the toner is just too forgettable to really want to buy again. Continue reading

[Review] Philosophy Samples

The last time I was at the mall, I manage to get quite a few Philosophy product samples.  Apparently, I am the only woman in North American who hasn’t tried this brand, so the samples were quite welcome.  The reviews of each sample are below:

This is their flagship product, and it isn’t bad…but I didn’t think it was that great either.  It has a sort of sharp citrus-floral scent, and it absorbs fairly quickly into the skin.  I just didn’t find it very moisturizing.

This is actually pretty good…as a chemical exfoliant, that is.  I mean that seriously: the morning after I applied this for the first time, I was amazed at how smooth my skin felt!  Sadly, I thought it failed as a straight up moisturizer – it was absorbed into my skin faster than my day cream, and I felt dry the rest of the night.  The oil overproduction issue came back the next morning.  The next two nights I used this, my skin was very flushed and irritated; I really can’t imagine using this every night.  Additionally, it has a very unpleasant chemical odor, and it lingers.

This is a vitamin C treatment for eyes.  I was planning to try it out…but then my mother, who had bought the full size, got contact dermatitis from using it!  No way I’m putting this near my precious eyes, I can only imagine the horror…

This wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t mindblowing, either.  It’s basically a cleansing gel, and it does what it’s supposed to do.  However…I don’t really like cleansing gels all that much.  Another strike against it is the fact that it can’t take my eye make-up off.  Not going to buy the full-sized when I can think of a half-dozen better cleansers and make-up removers off the top of my head.

The texture was average for an oil cleanser.  It took everything off pretty quickly, but unlike my Shu Uemura oil cleanser, my face also started itching terribly!  Definitely not going to buy the full-sized product, it was very uncomfortable.

This is a day cream.  It’s colored blue-grey, has the texture of a light cream, and smells unpleasantly of spf.  However, it did absorb fairly quickly, and felt very pleasant on my skin.  It also broke me out within 12 hours of using it. 😦

This is a buttery, unscented overnight cream.  Unlike some thicker textured creams, it absorbs fairly well.  Sadly, I am reactive to something in the ingredient list, so I will not purchase the full size.  The first time I used it, my face ended up burning – when I woke up the next morning, the skin on my face was very red and raw, and I was VERY unhappy.  I tried it once more, but I immediately cleaned my face as soon as my skin starting prickling after application.

Basically:  I hated everything.  Why is this brand so popular, again?